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Benefits of Fabric Air Ducts over Galvanized Steel Air Ducts

  • Fabric air ducts (or known as Textile air duct, Air Sock Duct, Air Sox Duct, Air Duct Sock, Air Duct Sox) are better than galvanized steel air ducts or stainless steel air ducts when conditioned air distribution through any dead corner of rooms or applications is taken into account.
  • Fabric air ducts give draft-free air distribution
  • Fabric air ducts reduce installation costs up to 50-70% savings
  • A lightweight solution for structures with little or no load bearing capacity or situations where bearing capacity is exhausted (temporary tents, warehousing, large industrial facilities, etc.)
  • Custom, flexible solutions. Fabric ducts can be designed to be taken down and reconfigured for different stations or situations.
  • No need to insulate for cold air delivery, fabric ducts will not condensate due to the blanket of air surrounding the duct (penetrating the surface of the duct).
  • Fabric air ducts are washable with washing powder in a washing machine in accordance with Euro Air maintenance instruction. This makes fabric ducts more suitable than galvanized or stainless steel air ducts when microorganism like bacteria and fungi are taken into account.  Indoor Air Quality can be improved, particularly for food industry whose Food Hygiene or Food Safety must be achieved under HACCP and GMP.
  • Trevira CS or polyester material will not absorb more than 1% moisture in a room with a relative humidity of 90% and the duct system is non corrosive! This coupled with the even air distribution preventing condensation on exterior glass and walls make it a perfect solution for wet areas in food industry and indoor water parks.
  • Fabric air ducts and suspension are packed into a few light weight boxes reducing shipping cost and storage space on the job site.
  • Fabric air ducts are supplied in zippered sections which are very easy to install and just as easy to take down to machine wash. The permeable ducts also act as an additional air filter giving indoor occupants air they way you want it, clean and fresh!
  • Euro Air has a base range of stock colors but can also supply ducts in nearly any custom color imaginable. Logos are also a neat feature for fabric ducts which can add to the atmosphere.
  • For interior design or architecture, fabric ducts (textile ducts, air socks, duct sox) work well as fashionable or modernized for any room air constructions in  HVAC air ductwork.

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(Fabric air duct, Textile air duct, Air Sock Duct, Air Sox Duct, Air Duct Sock, Air Duct Sox)

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