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Klima in "Bangkok RHVAC 2011"

First Opening of Fabric Ducts in Thailand...

Klima Group (Thailand) and Euro Air A/S (Denmark) are very pleased to invite you on our booth H40 - H44 at Bangkok RHVAC 2011 being held during 12-16 October 2011 at Impact, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok Thailand.  This will be the first time to introduce fabric ducting system in Thailand trade fair you never see before.  Come and see why fabric ducts gain much more benefits over traditional spiral or galvanized metal air ducts or even stainless steel air ducts.  Let us show you our range of fabric ducts (textile ducts, Air Sox, Duct Sox, Air Sock).  Our new product release called Directional Flow Control (DFC) system will be introduced as well.

See us at a link: http://www.thaitradefair.com/2011/rhvac/ and search by keyword "Klima".

DFC New Product Release (Fabric Air Duct)

Euro Air new product patented DFC (Directional Flow Control). The DFC system is designed with laser cut holes in combination with flow controlling direction baffles that reduce the air going along the fabric air duct and ensure 100 % uniform air distribution. The air streams coming out of the special designed holes are therefore corrected by the direction baffles and remain perpendicular to the fabric duct (textile air duct, Air Sox Duct, Air Duct Sox, Air Sock Duct, Air Duct Sock)

Click here to read more details of DFC in our product range.

Fabric Air Duct (textile air duct, Air Sox Duct, Air Duct Sox, Air Sock Duct, Air Duct Sock) from Euro Air Denmark

Euro Air Air Socks merged in KE-Fibertec Group

KE Fibertec UK, Ltd. located in Southampton takes over the sales and distribution of Euro Air’s products in the UK from January 1st 2010. The previous distributor Paul Russon from Euro Air UK, Ltd. has decided to resign after almost 7 years working as an independent distributor for Euro Air DK.


Since the international Danish manufacturer of Textile Based Ventilation Systems, KE Fibertec, acquired Euro Air DK in September 2007, the UK based subsidiary, KE Fibertec UK has been competing with Euro Air UK Ltd owned by Paul Russon on market terms.
- We have evaluated the situation and found that it was the right time to merge the activities into one legal company to achieve synergies in sales and administration, CEO Carsten Jespersen says. - Most people in the UK are aware of the fact that KE Fibertec is the legal owner of the Euro Air production facility, so we find it better to let our customers decide which product line offers most value for money on a specific project rather than keep selling as independent competitors.

- The products of Euro Air (air socks, air sox, duct sox, fabric ducts, textile air ducts) will therefore still be sold as an independent brand by KE Fibertec UK and we will work very hard to maintain the differences between the two product lines. The main difference for our UK customers after January 1st 2010 is that they only have one contact person to speak to and the invoices will come from KE Fibertec UK Ltd.

Please notice: Any eventually warranty claims for Euroair systems supplied before 1st January 2010 are the responsibility of Euroair UK Ltd. Any systems supplied after this date will be warrantied by KE Fibertec UK Ltd.

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