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Slot Fabric Ducts

Here is a type of fabric duct (textile air duct, Air Sox Duct, Air Duct Sox, Air Sock Duct, Air Duct Sock) called Slot Duct.  Read more about its advantages, functions and technique below.


  • Advantages
    With a warm air application it is not possible to use a standard Low Impulse (permeable) textile airduct. This is because a permeable duct offers no impulse; hot air would rise towards the ceiling. To overcome this problem we offer a permeable air sock duct with a sewn in mesh running all along the air duct length, acting as a medium- to high speed diffuser. Using this solution the entire length of the air sox duct can be used to distribute part of the air through the material weave & part (angled towards the occupied zone) through the slot diffuser.
  • Function
    HVAC ductwork projects where there is a need for heating, even for applications that calls for a significant temperature difference (∆t) can generally be solved with a slot diffuser system. The system can also be utilized where inlet air needs to be delivered with “pinpoint accuracy”.
    With 7 different material permeability and slot widths from 2-30 mm we can offer a wide variety of solutions. For cooling applications we can produce slot diffusers where the slots are placed above the centerline of the air duct spreading the cold air over a larger area in the room. For heating the diffusers are orientated downwards.
  • Technique
    The slot air sock duct is perfect for pool and dehumidification applications, where the emphasis is placed on keeping windows free from condensation and avoiding high air speeds at pool level. This is easily obtained with the well defined supply air velocity & travel characteristics achieved with the slot textile duct.
    If the cooling load per running meter is higher than recommended for Low Impulse (Permeable) air sox ducts alone, then the slot diffuser can be employed to spread out the cooling supply air further into the room and away from the textile air duct avoiding draught problems


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