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Low Impulse Fabric Ducts

Here is a type of fabric air duct (textile air duct, Air Sox Duct, Air Duct Sox, Air Sock Duct, Air Duct Sock) called Low Impulse Duct.  Read more about its advantages, functions and technique below.


  • Advantages
    The low impulse air sock duct is extremely well suited for cooling applications using the displacement principle. By virtue of the air sox ducts large surface area in comparison with the volume of supply air we can ensure extremely low exit velocities through the fabric duct. This is possible because the supply air permeates equally through the entire circumference of the textile air duct all along its length. When using traditional ceiling mounted diffusers or wall mounted grilles, it is not uncommon to experience air velocities significantly higher than those obtained by using air duct sock.
  • Functions
    Low impulse air sox ducts work by taking advantage of the materials permeability. Permeability can be described as a deliberate leakage (or bleeding of air) through the surface of the duct material. When connecting a fabric ducting system to the supply air source, the static pressure supplied by the fan “inflates” the air duct sox to give them their characteristic round shape (half, ellipse or quarter round ducts are also available). Because the material is permeable, the available fan static pressure will cause the supply air to “bleed” evenly through the entire surface of the fabric duct. This is a major advantage of textile based ventilation (i.e. the surface area presented to the supply air, in relation to the given airflow). This ratio, when sized using our standards, will ensure an extremely low outlet velocity through the material, typically between 0.05 – 0.3 m/s.
  • Technique
    The Low Impulse system works using the displacement principle. For HVAC ductwork, air distribution through air socks is created by the use of thermodynamics (the cold inlet air will fall gently towards the floor, due to its higher density). This is a striking contrast to the traditional displacement ventilation approach, where a variety of grilles and diffusers are generally installed at low level taking up large amounts of room at significant installation cost.


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