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Here is a type of fabric air duct (textile air duct, Air Sox Duct, Air Duct Sox, Air Sock Duct, Air Duct Sock) called Inject Duct.  Read more about its advantages, functions and technique below.


  • Advantages
    Inject air sock ducts are very well adapted to HVAC industrial applications and dirty or dusty environments. They have a high resistance against dust, fumes and general heavy processes. The inject air duct sox is made using an airtight material so there is no in dust accumulation. This limits the need for maintenance & reduces cleaning requirements to a simple wipe down of the inner & outer surfaces.
  • Function
    This Inject duct is made using a special type of polyester with a soft PVC coating on both sides. The coating makes the inject fabric duct non permeable (air tight) and this means that the fabric duct works on a entirely different principle to permeable & slot diffuser ducts. By introducing perforations in the material the air is allowed to exit at high speed resulting in through mixing & entrainment of the room and supply air.
    This makes Inject fabric ducts suitable for areas with quite high air changes without causing draughts. Typical HVAC applications are heating systems where a long throw is not called for, i.e. rooms with a limited ceiling height.
    In addition to this we specify the Inject duct sock for tempered fresh air ventilation where the inlet air is ambient air at near isotherm temperature.
    We can also use these fabric ducts for light cooling so as long as the supply air is above the dew point temperature.
  • Technique
    With Inject air sox ducts the PVC coated material will have either 4 mm or 18 mm perforations for diffusion, available as a variety of patterns, depending upon the specific application.
    The air exits through these perforations at high speed (typically 11-15 m/s), encouraging mixing and entrainment. With different perforation arrangements different air patterns can be achieved.
    Whatever arrangement is required we typically design these systems to achieve highly effective mixing of room & supply air.


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